Tuesday, June 19, 2018

CEO of Sabra is the Poster Boy for Corporate Corruption

Yes, Richard K. Matros, CEO of Sabra and former CEO of Sun knowingly violated Sun's 2001 California State Injunction not to kill patients anymore.  Yet I witnessed Betty Harness die in October, 2003, when she wasn't treated properly in his Sunbridge Newport Beach skilled nursing facility.  Hoag Hospital returned her to Sunbridge stating she was so impacted it was even in her lungs, surgery not possible.  She died an agonizing death just days later from fecal impaction.  The Director of Nursing then, Elizabeth Van Dyke stating "Well, we killed that one, from now on all patients who cannot talk will get milk of magnesia".  Dr. Stoney heard that and demanded his patients not unless he ordered it.  I witnessed Richard Laga beg for a wound care nurse over the Fourth of July weekend, 2003, to no avail, the following week he was transferred to hospital where he died of gangrene in December, 2003.  The Dept of Health's nurse sat by his bedside he told me and apologized for not getting him treatment from Sun's negligent staff, that he wasn't just losing his foot but his life. Another patient in October, 2003 needed urgent suctioning shortly after his admittance, yet both suction machines on their crash cart were NOT functioning, he was transferred back to Hoag Hospital where he soon after died.  All this happened while I began begging Mr. Matros for help, writing a total of 4 letters to him, beginning in June, 2003, that staff was not competent and broken equipment was killing patients.  They neglected my mother's fevers, urinary tract infections, need for medication, caused her another stroke in October and contracted MRSA that eventually killed her.  And when I sued Sun I learned in 2007 that a telephone message put in her chart to withhold all blood pressure medication by Dr. Stoney, who sat in a deposition and stated "that was a plant".  He soon walked out and wouldn't testify any longer.  Why?  Corruption.  He called me one day to warn me they'd plant drugs or a gun in my car, to be careful.  Well, I'm not afraid of Rick Matros, who's from New York and acts like a thug.  Ask Judge Jones, who made it clear he would not enforce a restraining order Matros asked due to those signs I posted, and that it was "open season".  This man should be investigated by the SEC for this behavior.

Another family of a patient, Dolores Otting, testified for the wrongful death of Stella Carter and Sun tried to have her evicted from the premises for "patient interference".  The Dept of Health held a hearing at that facility and determined NO, she had the right to be there to care for her mother in law.  Dolores showed me one day in late May, 2003, the filthy "basement" where the HVAC system was sending heat to patient's rooms, a ductless system that was antiquated and filthy dirty.  The State shut it down, condemned it's use and made at least 3 field reports claiming it must be repaired immediately.  No exceptions Chuck De Capite wrote.  Those reports are missing from the public file with O.S.H.P.D., who regulates equipment in hospitals.  And Mr. DeCapite no longer works there.

My late attorney told me he was interviewing a reporter in Dec 2003 who was interested in a story, yet in May, 2004 the paper wrote a feel good piece on Matros "A place in the Sun".

That late attorney, Daniel Leipold, died just 2 weeks after learning I'd retained the malpractice firm of Andres & Andres to sue him, in his sleep, age 59, undetermined causes.  I know why he died, he'd never have a law license after my case was aired.  Do I think these rich corporate types pay off the newspapers, the attorneys?  What do you think?

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