Friday, November 20, 2015

Super Pacs

The CEO of Sun, Richard K. Matros, formed a Super Pac in May, 2004, two months before my mother died and four months after her physicians told me she would die within six months.  This Super Pac donated $400,000 annually to various politicians.  The California Attorney General at that time was a man named Bill Lockyer.  Mr. Lockyer has a "war chest" of over $2 M and is retiring from public service after having served as California's Treasurer most recently.

Do these political offices get paid off NOT to prosecute corporations when they violate the law? Because I have the proof, in three field reports from a State Agency, that were purged from their public record, that a nursing home violated Sun's 2003 California State Injunction when Sun refused to replace HVAC system in a nursing home in the CEO's home town of Newport Beach, California. My mother had pneumonia and developed MRSA which led to her death, while the CEO lived a lavish lifestyle.  Two years later he threatened me in mediation through a corrupt attorney, Daniel Leipold, I sued that attorney seven months later for malpractice and he died within two weeks in his sleep at age 59.  He was guilty of defrauding me.  I believe Mr. Leipold's sister who lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan had a trust with Southern California real estate in it that actually belonged to Mr. Leipold.  

Bernie Sanders are you listening?