Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Confidentiality Agreement

Yes, I settled out of court in a mediation that was bogus.  I sued my attorney, Daniel Leipold for malpractice for advising me to settle without including wrongful death when I was in a compromised physical state (pancreatic cancer surgery just weeks before).  I refused to sign any further documents knowing Leipold had conspired with Matros to defraud me.  This included a confidentiality agreement they neglected to get my signature on in mediation.  I eventually won that malpractice lawsuit against Mr. Leipold.  Judge Gregory Jones told me in 2007 that I have the right to state the truth:  Rick Matros killed my mother citing freedom of speech, protected speech, peaceful protest because I proved it in the Medical Review of Dr L Scott Stoney June, 2006.

Matros apologized through his employee Julie Campbell in October, 2003 for harming my mother in that she had a stroke that caused serious brain injury when blood pressure medications were withheld per a telephone message from Dr Stoney that had been "planted" in her medical records and found during discovery. Dr Stoney testified this was "planted" to set him up.