Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deaths caused by Sun Healthcare reported to Gov't

Why didn't The Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times print the fact we reported deaths in Sun Healthcare's SunBridge Newport on Superior Avenue in 2003? I also personally called and wrote to both the Dept of Justice via the Calif State Attorney General's office, Claude Vanderwold and Dept of Health, Jackie Lincer, and told them patients were "dropping like flies" from Sun's neglect, abuse, the CEO's willful misconduct, yet they did nothing until the 5th patient I knew died, Richard Laga, in December, 2003. It was too late for my mother, Evelyn Calvert, who was already in an acute care hospital with MRSA from Sun.

I believe there is widespread corruption in this industry or at least amongst the CEO of Sun Healthcare. My mother's physician, Dr Stoney, told me to fear Sun's CEO for being the whistleblower, that they'd "plant a gun or drugs in your car" if I continue to pursue truth behind the wrongful death of my mother. I was also threatened by my former late corrupt attorney Daniel Leipold in mediation that they'd harm me. I was witness to 5 deaths they caused, I reported them, yet they were never held accountable. Some who died didn't have family to puruse litigation.

When I attempted to hire another attorney, Keith Wisbaum in July, 2006, to have the settlement set aside he wrongfully charged me $2,500, spoke with Daniel Leipold then refused to file what was needed in court, just too busy he said. Months later he called within minutes of Matros losing a bid at a retaining order against me, giving me a message that I could call him at anytime if I needed anything. They feared me! Because it was what I knew as a witness that scared them.

Put all together my case is a perfect example of how big corporation politics work. Ask Julie Campbell, employee of Sun, just how this happened. I do not believe she'd lie for the former CEO of Sun Healthcare, Richard K Matros any longer. Nor will Dr Stoney!