Friday, November 20, 2015

Super Pacs

The CEO of Sun, Richard K. Matros, formed a Super Pac in May, 2004, two months before my mother died and four months after her physicians told me she would die within six months.  This Super Pac donated $400,000 annually to various politicians.  The California Attorney General at that time was a man named Bill Lockyer.  Mr. Lockyer has a "war chest" of over $2 M and is retiring from public service after having served as California's Treasurer most recently.

Do these political offices get paid off NOT to prosecute corporations when they violate the law? Because I have the proof, in three field reports from a State Agency, that were purged from their public record, that a nursing home violated Sun's 2003 California State Injunction when Sun refused to replace HVAC system in a nursing home in the CEO's home town of Newport Beach, California. My mother had pneumonia and developed MRSA which led to her death, while the CEO lived a lavish lifestyle.  Two years later he threatened me in mediation through a corrupt attorney, Daniel Leipold, I sued that attorney seven months later for malpractice and he died within two weeks in his sleep at age 59.  He was guilty of defrauding me.  I believe Mr. Leipold's sister who lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan had a trust with Southern California real estate in it that actually belonged to Mr. Leipold.  

Bernie Sanders are you listening?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More OSHPD Field Reports Demanding Status of HVAC System

May 15, 2003 and August 12, 2003 reflect an urgency to replace the HVAC system to patient rooms by this agency due to high ambient temperatures in patient rooms, signed Chuck De Capite.

Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Confidentiality Agreement

Yes, I settled out of court in a mediation that was bogus.  I sued my attorney, Daniel Leipold for malpractice for advising me to settle without including wrongful death when I was in a compromised physical state (pancreatic cancer surgery just weeks before).  I refused to sign any further documents knowing Leipold had conspired with Matros to defraud me.  This included a confidentiality agreement they neglected to get my signature on in mediation.  I eventually won that malpractice lawsuit against Mr. Leipold.  Judge Gregory Jones told me in 2007 that I have the right to state the truth:  Rick Matros killed my mother citing freedom of speech, protected speech, peaceful protest because I proved it in the Medical Review of Dr L Scott Stoney June, 2006.

Matros apologized through his employee Julie Campbell in October, 2003 for harming my mother in that she had a stroke that caused serious brain injury when blood pressure medications were withheld per a telephone message from Dr Stoney that had been "planted" in her medical records and found during discovery. Dr Stoney testified this was "planted" to set him up. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Medical Review by Dr L Scott Stoney

Dr Stoney said "THOSE BASTARDS KILLED YOUR MOTHER" June, 2006 when I picked up the medical review he wrote declaring Sun and it's CEO, Richard K Matros, responsible for Evelyn Calvert's death.

Dr Stoney testified his pleas for help were ignored and he quit as Medical Director of SunBridge Newport Beach, due to Sun Healthcare's blatant disregard for human life. He'd socialized with the CEO, Richard K Matros, and was told the "Calvert" case was already compromised in November, 2003. Furthermore, that Debbie Calvert, myself, would be better off taking pix of Mr Matros with his "women friends" at "Laker's games" and sharing them with Dr Matros, his wife, rather than suing -to get further with Matros in retaliation for his blatant harm done to my mother. A clue Matros had already engaged my corrupt attorney at the time, Daniel Leipold, to commit legal malpractice, so that Matros couldn't lose his job! Matros' willful misconduct was easy to prove. And apparently his infidelities were as well!

Even the Dept of Justice, via Claude Vanderwold, prevented justice in this case! Was it for a price?

Why? Corruption.

This case is often refered to as the "kiss of death" because so many have died who took part in it. Starting with not only the five victims, 1) Stella Carter; 2) Richard Laga; 3) Betty Harness; 4) Man in Rm2B Oct 2003 and my mother, 5) Evelyn Calvert. Then two attorneys died, both the original wrongful death attorney who represented me fraudulently, Daniel Leipold, upon learning I was suing him for malpractice, in March, 2007, of unknown causes in his sleep. This should be seriously investigated because of the magnitude of Rick Matros' profit from his malpracitce. Then just 2 months later my malpractice attorney, Herb Patt, an associate of Andres & Andres who suffered a large stroke and passed away. Witnesses Toni Chesmire, activities director at SunBridge Newport of Lou Gerhig's disease and Dolores Otting, a caretaker of a neighboring family member to my mother, died of a brain cancer in 2012.  Or was it the filth found by Otting in the ductless basement HVAC system that caused cancer to her and many others that spent time in the Sunbridge facility on Superior Ave in Newport Beach?  That system was sealed shut in 2003 upon discovery it was faulty and condemned by OSHPD in June, 2003.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deaths caused by Sun Healthcare reported to Gov't

Why didn't The Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times print the fact we reported deaths in Sun Healthcare's SunBridge Newport on Superior Avenue in 2003? I also personally called and wrote to both the Dept of Justice via the Calif State Attorney General's office, Claude Vanderwold and Dept of Health, Jackie Lincer, and told them patients were "dropping like flies" from Sun's neglect, abuse, the CEO's willful misconduct, yet they did nothing until the 5th patient I knew died, Richard Laga, in December, 2003. It was too late for my mother, Evelyn Calvert, who was already in an acute care hospital with MRSA from Sun.

I believe there is widespread corruption in this industry or at least amongst the CEO of Sun Healthcare. My mother's physician, Dr Stoney, told me to fear Sun's CEO for being the whistleblower, that they'd "plant a gun or drugs in your car" if I continue to pursue truth behind the wrongful death of my mother. I was also threatened by my former late corrupt attorney Daniel Leipold in mediation that they'd harm me. I was witness to 5 deaths they caused, I reported them, yet they were never held accountable. Some who died didn't have family to puruse litigation.

When I attempted to hire another attorney, Keith Wisbaum in July, 2006, to have the settlement set aside he wrongfully charged me $2,500, spoke with Daniel Leipold then refused to file what was needed in court, just too busy he said. Months later he called within minutes of Matros losing a bid at a retaining order against me, giving me a message that I could call him at anytime if I needed anything. They feared me! Because it was what I knew as a witness that scared them.

Put all together my case is a perfect example of how big corporation politics work. Ask Julie Campbell, employee of Sun, just how this happened. I do not believe she'd lie for the former CEO of Sun Healthcare, Richard K Matros any longer. Nor will Dr Stoney!